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Reckless Love

Here is the backwards way about life: the more deeply you live and the more deeply you love, the more deeply you hurt. Loving is messy and at times excruciatingly hard. You don’t get to choose the outcome; love is always a risk. I am not always a happy person because I have chosen vulnerable love. On the contrary, I am often sad. There are just so many more opportunities to be hurt. When God calls us out of the boat onto the waves, I do not think He so much cares if we can walk on water. Rather He calls us close enough to where HSeane can hold us through the storm.

16 years ago we could have chosen comfortable over reckless; lots of people questioned our choice. Had we chosen the easy road, our hearts would not be broken now. Our kids hearts would not be broken now. But messy, vulnerable, risky love changes the world, changes our worlds. We risked love, and we didn’t get The Blind Side ending, we just got blind sided. Yet still, we were privileged to see a young man grow up. We were able to become love for him. We got to be a part of so many other lives of people that we would never have met without him.

Best. Choice. Ever!

Even in the brokenness, Jesus, still I will follow you!


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