Come Farther Up, Come Farther In

Another year has come and gone. I have made a habit of posting New Year’s Eve blogs that reflect on the previous year and look ahead to the future, but this year I will not look back. Much can be learned from reflecting and processing both the good and the bad. I did some of that on my 40th birthday this past July, and I have done a great deal more with my SAWG ladies on our monthly therapy sessions. I am entering into 2014 as a different person than came into 2013 having been painfully refined by God as He continues the slow work of making me into the workmanship that He designed me to be. So tonight I shall only look forward. As a new year dawns He has placed in my lap a few new things, new possibilities, new dreams. February 2nd New Jersey will host the Superbowl and with that will also unintentionally host human trafficking victims and the perpetrators of these crimes. I am excited to be spending the month of January working to counter this effort with the Justice Journey group from church along with a number of organizations on both the state and national level. I am excited to be able to have a hands on place to do something big.

I excited about ministry.

I am excited about work.

I am excited about the huge stack of books I am itching to read.

I am excited about the things that are coming up in my husband and kids lives.

I am excited to be running my first 5K this spring.

I am excited about our summer vacation plans.

I am excited about our finances for a change.

This is a year of great anticipation and I am finally at a place in life where I am anxiously awaiting all the possibilities 2014 holds. As I move closer to where Christ desires me to be, as He refines me and draws me in I hope I  can draw others with me as I go. Farther up and farther in!


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