On Being Vulnerable

A few weeks ago I broke down into tears several times, including in the midst of a parent teacher conference with my daughters teacher, head of the middle school, and the academic dean (all of whom I work with by the way). I felt like an emotional wreck. Shortly after, I received an email from my daughter’s teacher thanking me for being “vulnerable”. I laughed. It sounded so much nicer than saying I was a basket case.

Being vulnerable is not difficult for me. It comes naturally; it is imbedded in my soul. I am passionate and open. I love deeply and hurt sometimes just as deeply. It’s holding things in and editing my thoughts before they become words is my challenge, but that is another story.

I lack some aspect of the nurturing mother. I don’t have that warm and fuzzy personality, yet the experience of a daughter in pain took me to a place so raw that I have rarely experienced. I am glad I am gifted in being vulnerable, because going through these times alone would be unbearable. I am glad my openness with my friends (and even strangers) has given permission to others to be vulnerable. Be vulnerable, live passionately, love deeply, hurt when needed, and free others to do the same.


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