The Dental Hygenist for my Heart

I went to the dentist the other day. I usually go every year, but things go behind and I had a root canal that came without a cleaning and before I knew it my teeth needed a real cleaning. When I went in the summer for my cleaning they suggested that I really needed to come back in for a 6 month cleaning. There were too many stains (countless cups of tea to blame I am sure) for that one sitting. So there I was in Decemeber getting my teeth cleaned again. I was given the same advice that I always ignore about floss and twice yearly cleanings. I sat there with someone’s hands in my mouth squirming from a mix of pain and uncomforatableness. In the end my teeth looked pretty nice. All those stains removed, teeth felt nicer and undoubtably they are healthier. As I reflected on the Psalms I read today I realized that I really need a good heart cleaning. I go too long between check ups (quiet times) and I don’t follow the advice of the grest physician (or dentist as fits this analogy). It’s not that I don’t want to read my Bible, pray, or be obedient. I desire these things, but I often let the things of life push them aside. I go for the more relaxing, less invasive chick flick. Sometimes I don’t want to think, to be challenged, to be prompted towards growth. Not sometimes, most times. Taking the time with God, which I should be so passionate about I can’t go without, turns out to be just another hassle, a burden. I don’t like to admit that, but it is reality. I daily aim to lead a life of submission to God, following His leading, but I don’t take the time with Him to have any idea what that might actually be. I need a cleaning of my heart, I need it regularly, and I need to stop procrastinating with the lies that it really doesn’t matter. It matters. Twice daily brushings of grace, drive by prayers, and weekly worship service flossings just don’t cut it.


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