This Moment

I have spent my last few New Year’s Eve’s reflecting on the journey that God had taken me on over the course of the year. Lately I have spent so much time reflecting on things that this New Year’s Eve I figure I couldn’t take another ounce of self-awareness and mental rehashing. The past years I have chosen to focus on the gift of pain (2010) or thankfulness (2011) coupled with my willingness to follow Christ through all things. This year I am focusing on the moment (2013). Living on purpose. Loving others in the dailyness of life. Adventure. Rest. Being brave. Making time for the things that matter. This may not be the most spiritually deep or growth focused, but I am hoping for Selah. I can no more predict the events that God has in store for me in 2013 than I could have any other year, but I can control my response. I am searching for rest, for dreams to be revived, for joy. I am searching for deeper intimacy with God. I hope to chronicle this year in a beautiful scrapbook that my sister gave me a few years back and has been waiting for a fitting purpose.  Each month I hope to photograph my journey, my intentional living in moments with family, friends, and personal solitude: adventures, accomplishments, times of rest. May 2013 be a year of many moments!


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