Blessings in Disasters

As Hurricane Irene came up the East Coast we prepared for the worst with hopes and prayers for the best. While only a stage 1 when it hit NJ, coupled with the new moon and an area not use to this kind of weather there was a great deal of uncertainty.  Many people panicked. Stores were selling out of supplies. Evacuations were made. The government made a great deal of plans and then executed them with great skill. The storm came through and FB lite up with complaints of people who did not get the storm of century that they prepared for. Complaints were made that the wind wasn’t stronger, the lights didn’t go out and they wasted money on supplies that they didn’t need or they evacuated for no reason. Please tell that to the people who lost homes, businesses, jobs, cars, and even loved ones. This storm hit some areas worse than others, if it didn’t hit yours, then count your blessings. I doubt you would be complaining about that generator if you lost that power for a day, or that bottled water if your water was contaminated.  You’d be glad you evacuated if your home was one of those under water.  But that’s really not what this blog is about.  This is about the blessings, not the complaints.

I feel blessed that my family, home and property are fine. I am thankful that our power stayed on so we could monitor the storm right through the night and find comfort as our children slept that if a tornado warning came to our town we could protect them. While I have complained bitterly to a few close friends about having my mother-in-law staying in our home this weekend, it has been an opportunity for my husband and I to provide a Godly example and influence into her life.  I have been swelled with pride as my church family prepared a response team that reached out with practical help to the community. Not only did the church call each member in our directory, they got out and worked hard helping people (members and non-members alike) in the aftermath. Neighbors came out and helped one another. People offered help, homes and prayers for the community at large. It is easy to find the blessings in the good things of life, but sometimes harder to find them in the suffering. I hope we remember to look for those blessings in both the good and the bad.  I hope that I will seek the blessings in all things.  I pray that i will be the community that I hope to see in others. I pray I am the church as Christ ordained, not a building or a service, but a servant. I chose to be a blessing!


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