Pet Peeves

I just need to vent a moment:

If it’s your job to answer a phone, could you please start the conversation off with a happy voice. I know you get yelled at and abused all day long and you probably don’t feel like being nice, but it can also be self fullfilling. If you answer it nasty the person on the other end is more likely to be nasty. Give the person the benefit of the doubt, please!

If you work in a field where you have learned a bunch of job related lingo and you want to look smart, save that lingo for your collegues, or better yet your boss. They will understand you and maybe think you’re smart, but please don’t waste your big money words on me. I really want to hear it in layman’s terms. It’s not that I’m stupid or uneducated, I just don’t know your area of expertise. And because you’re talking down to me with your lingo I think of you as arrogant and more than that I think your probably not too smart, because you obviously don’t know the audience you’re speaking to. This is all the more important if you are in fact half the age of the person you’re talking down to.

If you call a meeting and that meeting involves a group of people you should A- notify all the participants (this also goes for canceling a meeting), B- have a room ready that is large enough for everyone, because having 2 chairs and 5 participants in a 6 x 6 room doesn’t work. The professionals sitting on the floor are not only uncomfortable, but so are the other participants who actually have a chair. C- Pay attention to the conflicting stories of your team of people so that your guest isn’t the only one pointing these things out. It makes you look like you care and are smart enough to think critically.

If you have had a conversation with someone repeatedly and you find yourself saying the same exact things you need to stop asking the same questions you asked before, because the answers aren’t going to change. If you recall having this converstaion before, but can’t remember what was said, please let them know you forgot, because you look smarter for admitting that than when you act like this is all new and interesting information that they are proving for you (at your request).

If you are not a caring person who wants to help those in need, you can’t handle people who want your help, or you don’t want to work hard, perhaps you should not choose a helping profession. If you are judgemental and inflexible, social work is definitly not for you.  Perhaps you should try a job answering phones…just kidding. 


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