There has been much talk over the past few years about the issues of genocide that have and are still occurring in Sudan.  As the date for the official secession of Southern Sudan approaches new reports are surfacing of increased violence and acts of ethnic cleansing occurring in the the disputed border regions between Sudan and the soon to be new nation of South Sudan. I have read a number of articles on the issue that are heartbreaking. I  have heard from friends in Sudan that the crisis is very real and something that must be stopped. Unfortunately there is not much that an ordinary citizen can do to prevent a tragedy half a world away.  But that shouldn’t stop us from doing what little we can do. If enough voices cry out to our government they will act. Our elected government listens to the voice of the people if for no other reason than to get reelected. We must cry out for justice, we must act because it is the right thing to do. We can not sit by AGAIN as a world community and let a group of people be systematically slaughtered. I tend to fall on the political right with a desire to see smaller federal government and less government intrusion, but there is a time and a place for the government to act. We are the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world and with that comes a moral obligation to defend those who can not defend themselves and to act for justice towards those who’s human rights are being abused. I know that acting as a nation might come with a higher price tag when tax time comes, and it might even come at the cost of American soldiers. It is often a bitter pill to swallow, but how can we chose to let people die at the hands of butchers when we could stop it. Please take a few minutes to write your Senators and Representatives as well as the President, Secretary of State, and the US Ambassador to the UN. The cost to you will small compared to the cost to others if we fail to act. 

Here are a few articles to read on the issue:





Here are the people you can contact:








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