So Long

I forgot to place my final subscription of “The Things They Carried….home version”

Rich carried a box of camping supplies with a metal object that noone could identify.  He earned ranks for telling mom it belonged with the stuff he was carrying, so he could take it to it’s rightful home in the dump.  He also carried a picture that will end up in the basement, and we are all okay with that.  With it all he carried a new level of initiation into the family, and the jar of honey that was suppose to be mine. 🙂

Eric carried the tools of our father:  Axes, flint and tinder, and a parrot shaped hand sickle. He carried fencing foils in an air rifle bag, combining two elements of Dad’s personality.  An old pipe, and of course that old, old honey. He carried the joy of being late that day, and the surprise of how much there still was left to do. He also carried the smell of gasoline that leaked from the chainsaw that may have still carried a piece of dad’s finger.

I carried the bulletins…. the many many disorderly bullitins.  I carried a world of retro music on cassette that was long ago earmarked for a yard sale.  I also carried a peruvian occarana with two heads. I carried books, cups and of course honey.  I carried the satisfaction of knowing I would not be returning and the joy of telling mom that her priceless dishes were really from my old dorm.

What we did not carry, was the sheer load of junk in either the basement or attic that needed to be sent to the garbage. We don’t know why we didn’t carry it, because of course we are free labor.   We did not carry the satisfaction of a job completed. But then again it is not our job anymore and that is a burden we all can carry.




One thought on “So Long

  1. Melissa says:

    Hey, I am not sure if I understand this one.  Did your mom retire and move in next door?  Anyway, it was good to see you move beyond Christmas!  Take care and I love you guys!  Mel

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