Boo boo

I broke my “great” or big toe tonight.  It looked pretty awesome sticking out all croocked and to the side. I knew it shouldn’t look like that, but I expected it to hurt a lot more.  Don’t get me wrong, it hurt.  But it has allowed me several wonderful opportunities.  First, I have never broken a bone, and now I have.  Secondly, I was able to try out wheelchair bound ballroom dancing, something that seems a tad more complecated then I had imagined in my very bizzare dream. (It was also filmed on a cell phone for those of you who want to see it).  Third, I got to go to the hospital for some reason other then my oldest sons regularly scheduled tragic accidents. But most importantly I have a perfectly legitimate reason to cancel my “personal training” appointment this week that would have undoubtly only served to make me feel worse about my body which has apparently aged 9 years more then my birth certificate has.



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