Bike Park

My kids are so not like me.  They are brave and atheltic and full of energy.  Today, while on vacation, we took the kids to a dirt bike park.  It was awseome.  I mean, they were going up hills and around bends and I was in awe. I’m just not that brave.  Our 5 yr. old amazes me.  Not only is he not using training wheels anymore, but only a few weeks after really getting the hang of his bike he’s out on a course.  And he wiped out quite a few times, but got back up and did it again.  Our other two who are older were awesome as well.  Where does the courage and skill come from.  I have trouble just riding my bike on a nice casual ride.  I can’t wait to see what they could do if we enouraged them in this…..of course we’ll ned better medical insuarance.  Our little one almost rode off the side of the mountain we are staying on. Stopped inched from the 15 fouut drop off, so if we keep this up we’ll be in the hospital for sure.

Well, it’s nice to see that I might not be ruining them entirly with my fears.



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