Labor Day

Labor Day, a day to do nothing in honor of all the labor we do every other day.  So to make it a real holiday one would need to do no labor at all, but it’s hard to do no work.  I mean, the house needs to be cleaned, and the dinner needs to be cooked, and if you don’t take advatage of those blocks of time set aside for nothingness to do those somethings, nothing will ever get done. Confession:  I have a hard time doing nothing, yet I have a hard time doing something.   Some people are real good at doing nothing.  They are expert slackers.  And some people are expert workers.  They work all the time and accomplish great things (though will probably have a heart attack at a young age).  Other people are good at balancing those things and work well when they work and still enjoy there time off.  I feel like I live in a constant state of neither. I don’t feel productive when I work so I don’t enjoy my time to play as much because I think about all that stuff that should have been done when I was working.   I should work on that….but maybe later.



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