The boy and his Bug

My youngest is quite frankly the most adorable child ever.  He’s cuter then yours, honest.  I’m not bragging, it’s just a fact.  At times I want to ring his adorable little neck, but it’s just so hard to yell at him or be mad for long because of his expressions.

While walking out the front gate,  his older brother and him discovered a bug on the the fence.  I was witness to the event.  He was given the task of watching the bug while his brother gathered the necessary bug equipment for some scientific research to be conducted in the sterile environment of the front yard labrotory.  He starts off his duties by looking wide eyed and mouth open.  He is fascinated.  It’s always cute to watch a child fascinted by something.   Then he tries hard to stop himself from being distracted by the rest of the world around him.  A glance here, a look there, a moment to spin the tire of the bike that was left behind by his brother. I guess he needed to keep his focus, because he starts talking to the bug, with hand gestures and all.  Then he wonders off a bit and comes back.  He so wants to have self control, it’s just so hard at 4. A job well done.  His brother returns and the bug is successfully captured. 

What priceless moments we miss out on everyday, glad i got to watch from the window.  He is just so darn cute.  Wonder if I’ll still feel that way when he is 15 and talking back to me about some weekend plans he is entitled to, but I can’t understand since I have’t ever been there.   Well, lets not jump too far ahead.  I think right now I will go outside and check out the prize.


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