Lonliness is a feeling I am not accustom to anymore.  Neither is boredom, or silence.  I enjoy company, but some times it would be nice to have a filter available. I know that’s not possible, but I imagine it none-the-less.

In my imaginary world, I would have choclate and tea available at all hours of the day, hot baths in a huge jacuzi tub, peacful music, and chldren who would play nicely together long enough for me to enjoy those things.  Perhaps I could even hire a professional piano player to play music while my professional maid cleaned up my house and my professsional shopper went grocery shopping for me.   

And I would read all sorts of wonderful books, while sitting in front of a fireplace…..wait, can I get a fireplace in my bathroom so that I can sit in the tub and read with a roaring fire? Oh the things I cuold imagine. But I don’t think that is going to happen any time in the near future, so I will just need to cope with what I have here.

I am listening to Billy Joel’s Fantasies and Delusions album, of beautiful classical piano music, and the kids are almost silent. Sean is sleeping on the floor. I should saver this quiet moment. I know that if I get up to get the tea and chocolate, and a book the children will find me and it will all be over.

Never mind, the phone is ringing.



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