Phil. 2:14

The Zoo, I took my kids to the zoo today.  It was a surprise that they didn’t know about until we arrived.  We haven’t gone in a long time (well the youngest was just there, but the other 2 hadn’t been in well over a year).  It seemed like a fun time.  I said we weren’t staying all day, and we weren’t spending any money.  I brought PB&J and fruit.  We ate at the otter tank.  It started out good.  I wanted to leave, but they wanted to see more, so we did a rush tour of the last part.  They saw every animal the zoo had to offer, but they complained that they couldn’t buy gifts, that i wouldn’t buy an icee, that it was hot, they were tired.  I said we could leave if they were tired, but they complained that they wanted to see more.  We come home, adn they complian that they have more chores to finish up, because we left before they were done.  Maybe 15-20 minutes of stuff to do. Not a big deal.  They complain about dinner, they complain that I won’t do all this stuff with them today.  I kept reminding them that we went to THE ZOO TODAY. But it goes on.  They  complain while we were at the Cub Scout Trip to the Observatory that turned out got cancelled, but no one told the Cub Scouts. They complained when I made them leave because it was bed time, even though they complained while we were there.  They complained about EVERYTHING possible today.  So now it is my turn to complain.  AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I feel better. I am eating Chips Ahoy dipped in chocolate fondue drinking tea. It is delicous. Now my friend and I are going to watch a movie and in the morning I’m making hoe-cakes.



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