Well, I have returned home from the youth group trip to Creation.  It was a long, wet week and filled with fabulous experiences like being awoken by an irate leader in another camp. I am getting too old for ventures like this.  It’s been 20 years since I first went to Creation. Not much has changed, but me.  It’s a little bigger, a few more stands and stages, but the basics are the same. I on the other hand…. well I’m a bit bigger too.  But I’m the one telling other people to go to sleep, not being yelled at.  I’m the one making the food not the one complaining about the pasta not being hot. I’m the one making the rules, not trying to figure out how close I can get to breaking the rules without getting in trouble.  Funny how the cirlce of life works. Maybe I will get to see it continue. I mean on of the girls from my first youth group trip to creation chaperoned her siblings this year and we talked about what goes around.  Who knows if one year I will be watching these kids take their own youth groups on these trips.


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