I have been cleaning all day in preperation for company. A while ago I sat down to type this up and take a break, but the computer ate my entry and I am now returning to work on this again.

I am hoping to get more organized, set up a cleaning schedule and stick to to allow my house to not always be in a state of disarray.  I don’t want to be super neat, but not living in clutter and chaos would be a perk. I have all my chores divided into 3 major categories.

1. Chores that take more time if you don’t do them regularly.  This would include scrubbing the microwave and stove top, or tub.  If you wipe the microwave out when you splatter something it takes a few seconds.  ifyou wait it takes longer for you to scrub it out. 

2. Chores that take the same amount of time regardless of wether you do them often or not.  Examples would be laundry and dishes.  You do through the same amount of dirty clothes regardless of you laundry schedule.  You can do one load a day or 7 loads in one day, but it’s no more work.

3. Chores that save you time if you don’t do them.  A eaxamples would be vacuming, windows and changing sheets.  If I change all the sheets every week it will cost me 30 minutes or more in chnaging time and 2 loads of laundry.  If I change only half this week and half next week it will cost me 15ish mintes in changing time and 1 load of laundry a week.

The key to this system is remebering to do the #1 chores regularly so that you save time, and put off the #3 chores, but not so long that the sheets become one with the bed. I need to make a card system or something to help me get organized.  Perhaps color  coded chores: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.  For instance, I don’t need to dust the really high shelves in the house every week, and I don’t need to clean the closets every month.  I must think this through. 

It’s the begining of summer I still feel inspired to self improve.



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