Corn Husks

Recently  I agreed to lead a girls group at our church for 4 weeks.  I had a bunch of different ideas on crafts adn snacks that would go along with each of the 4 American Girl Dolls that I selected. I just needed to get the supplies adn write a Bible Study.  I decided to compare each of the girls to a Godly woman in the Bible.  Week 1, Felicity:  Compared to Ruth, both helped their mothers, etc.  We had a tea party, we talked about manners, we listened to Bach and played a colonial game. We made very simple hats for our dolls out of a circle of fabric and a shoe lace.  It was a lot of work. I figured it was alright because it would be the most difficult beacuse I had to tote all the dishes for hte tea party and cut out 10 fabric cirlces, bake a cake, etc. 

This week is Joesphina. I thought it would be simple, make some corn husk flowers, and amke fresh tortillas.  This is how the process went.  Buy 15 ears of corn for family picnic and save husks.  Trim husks and dye with 3 colors of fabric dye (one trip to store for dye).  Dry husks along with finger tips.  Realize it won’t be enough husks. Go to grocery store (trip 2)and ask manager if I can pick through garbage cans by the corn bins anf take bags of husks home.  Spend 20 minutes garbage picking.  Return home and trim and dye corn husks. Fingers that had just turned back to normal color are not purple again. Make trip to store for floral wire and tape (trip 3) to turn corn husks into flowers.  Surf net of for simple corn husk doll instructions.  Decide on instructions in a book I already had. Decide I need more husks.  Shuck 5 ears of corn for dinner and dry husks without dying them for a 4th color.  Spend afternoon deciding on whom to compare Joesphina to in the Bible.  Decide on Abigail, since both were peacemakers, offered gifts, and were courageous. Write Bible study. Spend another afternoon trying to make corn husk dolls adn flowers so that I have enough knowledge to teach this to girls. Fingers turn lovely shade of red from working with corn husks.  Realize I need a lot more supplies then I had planned, but am greatful to find out that I have everything I need.  Then I realized that I will need to make a trip to the library to pick up a Joesphina book to read a section out of. I will need to take with me all the craft supplies, a record player and the south of the bourder record set I picked up for the fun of it, my fabulous, but very heavy tortilla press, tortilla flour, a frying pan, oil, salt, a spatulla, metal tongs, an electric frying pan, salsa and cheese, as well as the Bible study and craft instruction handouts, a Bible, a bag of prizes for the girls who memorized their Memory verses and several American girl books that I already checked out of the library.  

It doesn’t seem as simple as I had originally planned.  But I suppose 4 weeks worth of work is worth it. I know my daughter already is asking for the little Josephina corn husk doll that I made and loved the tea party last time. I suppose that is why we do all these things.  But is sure would be nice if the next too weeks were simplier.


2 thoughts on “Corn Husks

  1. Just for the record.  3 girls came on Wednesday night. I hade enough husks for at least 10.  I was making tortillas until well after service was over, so that I wouldn’t have to bring home the dough. I had to interupt my husband during service to cover the smoke alarms so they wouldn’t go off during service. (thought if they had it would have made for a better story). But tomarrow is looking really simple.

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