I am so tired.  I took the kids to the local Renaissance Faire this morning. I was a nice treat as we finish up this period in history. They had fun watching the jousting, and the archers, and belly dancers. I was pleased with a chilly day, like our last trip, that kept more clothing on people.  Then it was off to run a few errands, unpack all the groceries, cook dinner, eat dinner, unpack the van that Jay loaded up with stuff from his mom’s house.  And now I am sitting down to rest.  I could fall asleep in a second if I closed my eyes right now.

I think I will do some typing tonight.  It’s relaxing.  I have been retyping my grandfather’s thesis for his Doctorate in 1949.  It’s entitled “God at Work in the Minds of Men”. It seemed like something that should be preserved for family history.  In the process I came across this quote in reference to the “tools” that one needs in order to study theology.  Here are the last 2 things, following (Paraphrased)  (a) a disciplined mind to study, (b) intuition,  (c)human knowledge of world and  (d)knowledge of the original languages of the Bible. :

“(e) A holy affection toward God. Surely two persons with love and kindred spirits can understand each other to a degree that no outsider can. When we love God there is a sympathy of understanding established and a union which only love can maintain.

(f) The influence of the Holy Spirit makes the difference between a group of fearful men, insecure and unstable, and an undefeatable band of heroes, so sure of their course that they would die for it. ” 

                                                                                           J. Stanley Wagg

It is funny I shoudl read this part recently.  I often feel like I am completely unsure of my course.  I would love to pursue it with the kind of passion that is inspired by the Holy Spirit.  I guess finding the coures we are to take is most of the struggle of the Christian walk.  Most of us have a pretty good idea what we should and shouldn’t be doing as far as sin is concerned.  Not saying that we don’t all struggle with living it out in one area or another.  But choosing between the different paths that are laid before us, the question of choices that are not sin. Choosing the best in the midst  of lots of good things…. there is the struggle.


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