Life Lessons from the Day

Porous items (such as cloth, paper and food) will not survive extended periods in damp, dark conditions.

Nonperishable does not mean you can eat it regardless of what happens to it.

Expiration dates on food really do mean something, they are not mere suggestions.

Japanese massage parlors in private homes, with no business signs, and an ongoing male patrons, are probably offering more then massages.

If 3 out of 4 people think something is crap, the 4th person should throw it away.

If you haven’t used it in 5 years, you don’t need it.

Banjos are cool.

If people take terra cotta flower pots out of your front yard with blooming flowers in them, they are thieves. They didn’t confuse it with trash, no matter how crappy your yard looks.

Tea and chocolate can make almost anything better.




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