Last Wil and Testament

Tomarrow morning I will be getting up, before dawn to go with the youth group on our annual skiing and snowboarding trip.  This will be my third year going on the trip, and only my 2nd time ever snowboarding.  I must say, I am already a bit nervous.  I don’t like heights, so the lift is terrifying. I have no athletic skills what so ever and have injured children on both of my past trips. But deep down inside I really want to learn how to do this, to become good (by the standard that I can get on a lift and come down the mountain by myself, without hurting anyone). I want to be able to take my kids and not instill my fears into them inadvertantly. My 8 year old is begging me to take him. I can’t imagine having to help him on a lift when I need help.

I suppose that is what community is all about. I mean, there are plenty of people who are willing to help out, to sit on a lift with me and would sit on a lift with my kids if I asked.  Thankfully, God gave us all different gifts and abilities, and when we offer to share our skills and life with others we can compensate for their weaknesses. Community is grand. (I, however, did higher my own instructor…or should I say bribed myself an instructor)

On another note, it’s a great oportuity to learn a little humilty. I mean, when you are struck with terror,you loose all sense of pride.  You are not concerned about keeping up images.  Last time I went, the kids in the youth group convinced me that I should go up on the lift and go down a real slope ( I stayed on the bunny slope the entire day my first trip, when I went skiing.). I made them promise not to abandon me on the slope, and they all agreed.  Moments after I made it up to the top and was struck with the realization that there was only one way down, they all took off down the mountain.  Three guys stayed with me, and the one even took his board off and sent it down the mountain with the other two and literally crawled down the mountain, pulling me off the ground everytime I wiped out. (You find out who is loyal when your laying in the snow helpless)  I try to comfort myself with the thought that I am simply modeling to the youth group important character qualities such as interdependance, and humility.

So, finally, in the event that I do not return home from this trip.

To my family: Ha Ha, I don’t need to help clean out and pack up mom’s house.  I haven’t selected my official burial container, so just dump me on dad. (I love you all)

To my church: I have carefully documented everything I do out in a nice neat file. I have always known that my job could be done by anyone, I was just hoping you wouldn’t find out.

To Linda, sorry to say you are one step closer to having all of my kids. 

Hope to live through this, and see you all soon.



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