I seem to say, “Really, I’m a good cook.” pretty often.  I say this after some cooking catastrophe, in order to justify myself.  But how many times can you say that before you are in fact a bad cook.

Yesterday, I was cooking a turkey.  I figured I would cook it up to have leafovers for my family while I am away. I didn’t have a big enough pan, but I figured I could still do it. I was wrong.  The grease and broth started to drip over the edge.  In removing the turkey, I spilled a huge amount of broth into the oven.  Finallyt having a self cleaning oven, I figured, I would just turn the self cleaner on.  The self cleaner begins and fills the entire house up with smoke. The smoke detector goes off, but it’s wired into the wall and I can’t turn it off.  The children are crying and I am rushing them out of the house to my mom’s next door.   Now in the mean time, the turkey wasn’t done.  And I didn’t realize the time on the over was the time left to clean, and it was an hour later then I thought it was, so I was really running late.  I cut off what was mostly cooked and microwaved it in my smoky kitchen.  I made instant mashed potatos, brought everything over to my mom’s house and we ate there.  (my mom complained that the mashed potatoes weren’t home made… as if she wasn’t aware of the state of my house)

It was very sad.  The sun room still smells like smoke. It was midnight before the smoke detector finaly stopped beeping (but only about 3 hours before it stopped it’s actual ringing).

But honest, I’m really not a bad cook.


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