Wierd NJ

I haven’t read Wierd NJ.  I think I’m afraid my life might be in there. 

I just finished vacuuming out my washing machine. I am afraid to tell my mom that her blanket, that I was going to wash for her, disintegrated. At first I looked through the window and thought it looked like pieces of brain.  Then I opened the door and it burst out.  My brother, who had her other blanket to wash (I was suppose to have both, but there was  a mix up) was on the phone with me when I saw the “brain”.  Minutes later he called to question the item that created the mess, because his washing machine was filled with green brain matter. Oh, the joy’s in life. We have saved my mom’s house from 2 more pieces of garbage that she doesn’t need…. I hope she uses one she already has and doesn’t just go buy more.

Last time I went to my mom’s I came home with lots of junk. Today’s collection includes wooden dishes that my dad owned (some he made) to use for our medieval dinners, 2 sweaters, one Power Rangers costume, several Chrstimas gifts, 2 cloth bags, a table cloth, several cassette tapes and a video, several year old cookie mix that I am totally going to make up and bring to Christmas with the family, a Madonna and Child night light (a must have for White Elephant gift exchanges), old books, dirty linens, and some homeschool supplies.   (I know my lists aren’t as cool as the lists in The Things They Carried, but they are my surreal life)…..Wait, where is my birth certificate and 5th grade report card that I was suppose to be bringing home…. great now someone is going to impersonte me and find out that my nickname in 5th grade was Rocky. 

I lead such an exciting life.


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