Muppet Vikings?

We paint such a cute picture of history to our children.  I understand that we want to protect them, but have we done them a disservice?  Life isn’t as cute as we make it.  Maybe here in America it is safer then other places, but we weaken them and fail to prepare them for the trials that may come if they don’t have a realistic view of this fallen world we live in.  Finding the balance is difficult. As I read to my kids old fairy tales and stories I am still surprised at how violent and not at all Disney like they are. Cold hard reality.  I pray my children will never experience the cruel realities of life, but if they do, will I have done my job to prepare them spiritually, mentally and physically for those times.

Yes, we did have a viking funneral in our bathtub with a paper boat.  No, it was not paper mache and filled with my dad’s ashes, but saddly it did not burn any better. I hope the vikings had better luck then we did.

Oh, I should mention that yes I own this on video tape (that old thing that we had before DVDs) and did let the kids watch it because it’s funny.  And funny is good sometimes as well.  (“In the Navy, you can sail the seven seas. In the Navy….”)


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