Picky eaters fooled

I don’t understand my kids sometimes.  They all like oatmeal, so I got up early today  to make them oatmeal (instant, add water) for our medieval breakfast of porridge. I told them watery porridge was called gruel and poor people ate it that way to make it go further.  They complained it was too watery and wouldn’t eat it.  Already showing their elite classist side. I added more insant oatmeal and they ate it up.

Then lunch we had something called a trencher made of toasted rolls and stew poured on top that was in the Knights and Damsels activity book.  I used the bread I made the other day that was getting stale, added the mashed potatoes on top to keep it from getting soggy. (My one son likes bread, and stew, but a bread bowl will literaly bring him to tears because he hates it getting soggy. Same thing on toast and he’s fine…go figure.) Toped with the pot roast my daughter wouldn’t eat the other day. Followed by a slice of cheese that is orange and not yellow, that my littlest said he hated. Everyone ate every last bite and had seconds or thirds. Amazing.  Take a bunch of foods that you don’t like. Layer them together and tell them that knights and princesses ate this for lunch, and they were literally begging for more.

Let’s see if dinner is as successful.  Meat pie and some apple dumpling type thing are baking in the oven as we speak. (And the last time period dinner I’m making for hopefully a few weeks) I’m adding green beans because I want them to have some vegetable, but I don’t know if that was around in medieval France and Germany.  Oh, well the potatos were a bonus food, so who cares. I’m sure my brother will correct me and make me eat gruel as a punishement while scrubbing the floors of the castle he has always wanted to build.


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